5 fun facts about Beautiful World

Imagine a world where everyone has equal access to education. That is the vision behind Beautiful World Canada, a non-profit fighting for women’s education in Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Sierra Leone.

Beautiful World provides scholarships to women and girls pursuing higher education, but they also do so much more. In honour of International Development Week, check out this list of five fun facts about Beautiful World:

1. Comprehensive scholarships. Beautiful World recognizes that there are more school expenses than just tuition. That’s why their scholarships also cover the costs of transportation, housing, school materials and personal supplies.

girl in west africa
Kadiatu, a Beautiful World student with her cousins outside her home in Sierra Leone

2. Direct giving. 100 percent of online donations go directly towards funding student scholarships. This means that if you donate, you know your money is going directly to helping women and girls build better lives for themselves.

3. Local partners. Beautiful World works in equal partnership with teams on the ground in each country. Local leaders serve as a more direct contact for students, which helps ensure that their needs are being met.

4. High pass rate. At Beautiful World, student success is of the upmost importance. That is why 97 per cent of students complete their higher education programs. Finishing school not only helps girls get higher paying jobs, but also boosts their morale and confidence.

5. In-country education. All Beautiful World students study within their home country. Remaining close to home places less stress on students. It allows young women to invest in their communities so that the benefits of their education are far-reaching.

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