A Grandmother’s Hope (1 of 2)

At Beautiful World we are creating great change in the lives of the students we work with. Below I share a letter we received from Sarah Nalukwago.

My name is Nalukwago Sarah.

Grandmother and grand daughter in africaThis is a photo of me with my beautiful granddaughter, Jane. She is in her second year of nursing school in Uganda.

Jane’s dream is to become a nurse. Your support of Beautiful World Canada has made this possible. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.

School fees are very expensive in Uganda, and they go even higher after high school. When her mother, my daughter, was a teenager, she didn’t have a way to continue school, and got pregnant at an early age. I was heartbroken to see my daughter’s future disappear. I had no choice but to raise Jane, to give her the best life possible. The biggest challenges raising Jane, have been getting food to eat, medical care, and sending Jane to school.

Growing up, I lost many job opportunities because I was not educated. Now Jane’s grandfather and I farm land to earn a small income. But it is barely enough for our family’s basic needs, so school for Jane has always been a luxury. Going beyond high school seemed impossible.

I want Jane to have a better life, which is why I believe in her education.

African GrandmotherWithout school, Jane would have been married at a young age, become a mother and a housewife, or she would have worked on the streets or become a house maid. Or she would have ended up beside me, farming to support our family. I worked so hard to make sure Jane could finish high school, but then what? I could not help her any longer.

The day Jane got the news that she received a scholarship from Beautiful World Canada, was one of the proudest and happiest moments of my life.

Read part 2 of Sarah’s letter and how your support has created a future for Jane different from her own.

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