Revenue Growth

Our community of support grew in 2015 and this increased our total annual revenue by 36%! Grants from the around Ontario allowed us to reach even more girls in high school, vocational, college and university. In 2015 we also launched our Sponsor-a-Student program, allowing our supporters to directly sponsor a student in need of a post-secondary education.


Beautiful World is committed to keeping our program spending high so we can provide as many scholarships as possible to girls in Uganda, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. For every dollar raised in 2015, 83 cents went directly to program funding. This allowed us to focus our commitment to over 200 students, providing them with everything they need to succeed from tuition to mentorship.


Operating costs in 2015 remained at 9% of our total expenditures. This goes toward the salary of our single paid staff, the International Program Manager, as well as office supplies, postage and marketing materials. Our focus on partnering with local organizations, as well as the support of our incredible volunteers, allows us to keep the cost of operations at 9 cents of every dollar raised.


A small portion of our spending goes towards supporting our fundraising and awareness raising activities. This includes our Annual Gala which raised close to $143,000 in 2015, as well as new events including a Women’s Breakfast we hosted with Jackson Kaguri, winner of the 2015 Global Citizenship Award.

Annual Reports