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Lead Sponsor for 5 Years

TDWe thank TD for their ongoing support of Beautiful World Canada.



“The Rotarians of the Toronto Humber Club consider our donation to Beautiful World Canada very important.  It enables us to provide needed funds for several young women to better educate themselves.  In doing so these women should have a more meaningful life, can pass along to their siblings and friends some of the things they are learning in school, therefore benefitting their families and the wider community.

These young women have so much going against them.  It is important for their self esteem to show we care and want to help them achieve a better life than would be possible without this financial assistance.”

  • Mike Vale, Vice-President Toronto Humber Rotary Club


Beautiful World Supporter

“I am a Guyanese-Canadian. While growing up in Guyana I’ve always been fortunate to be surrounded by family and friends that loved and cared for me. My family traveled a lot because of my father’s work. I saw and lived in many communities – some happy and well off, but many sad and poverty stricken.

Around Christmas when I was young, my mom took my siblings and I to orphanages to donate and serve meals. During one of these visits, I remember a girl, that must have been 12, running up to me with a book in her hand, asking me to please read it to her. At first, I didn’t think any of it, after all, I was there to volunteer with the children at the orphanage. It was during reading the book to this preteen, I realized she couldn’t read. I couldn’t help but feel surprised and sad at the same time. It was then I realized how fortunate I was and wanted to do more. I told myself that when I grew up and had a career I was going to help the world read.

Then life, responsibilities, family, career, etc… drew me further away from helping. After a while, I became like everyone else, giving when I could and feeling that “I had done my part.”

Then I was introduced to Beautiful World in its infant stage. I had the opportunity to see Beautiful World grow. Through hard work and perseverance Beautiful World went from helping a handful of students to hundreds.  These students have no money for school fees, clothing, books and sanitary items. They were also facing other factors such as Ebola, HIV/AIDS, physical and verbal abuse. These students want to have a career. They want to help their community, their country and family. I decided, that I wanted to be apart of this change. I wanted to not just be a “occasional” donor but commit to making continuous life changing opportunities for these young ladies in Africa. Since that decision, I have been a monthly giver for over 5 years. I’ve also volunteered and seen how Beautiful World has changed the lives of these girls.

I have seen first hand how education changes the lives of girls. I am proud and humbled to be a long time Beautiful World monthly donor. Thank you for working so hard and caring!“- Kristine Lewis-Charles, Beautiful World Supporter

Kenny Family Foundation

The Kenny's with 2 students in UgandaThe Kenny Family Foundation believes that every person deserves to achieve in life and become participating members of society. An individual’s opportunity to achieve their potential, to increase their independence, to improve their quality of life – is not equitably distributed. The Kenny Family Foundation wants to lower these barriers as much as possible or eliminate them all together.

The role Beautiful World plays in the Kenny Family Foundation’s work in Uganda is to support scholarships. For that we thank them, and would encourage others in a similar situation, looking to advance the cause of the girl child, to follow suit. Beautiful World can cater a package to fit your philanthropic needs.