Teaching your children how to budget

Learning how to manage a budget is one of life’s most valuable skills. It’s important to teach your children to budget when they are young, because before you know it they will be adults. Fortunately, showing your children how to handle money can be easy, and the benefits are endless.

The first step is being transparent about your own budgeting style. Children learn well through observation. You don’t have to sit them through an accounting class, but you need to be honest about how and why you spend your money.

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Valentine’s Day: Volunteer to share the love

Valentine’s Day is about more than fancy dates with that one special person. It is also a day to show love to your family, friends and even strangers. If you are looking for a new way to share the love, consider volunteering or donating to charity.

Non-profits work hard every day to try and make the world a better place. Often, charity organizations have limited staff to minimize their overhead costs. This means they rely on volunteers to complete certain tasks.

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How to be a global citizen

This February, Canada celebrates its 28th annual International Development Week. The week marks a time to reflect on how Canadians can be better global citizens by helping people and countries in need. If you are interested in becoming more globally engaged, the easiest and most effective thing you can do is support an international charity. Follow these steps to become a more charitable global citizen during this week:

Research. The world is a large, complicated place. Before you decide how you want to spend your money,

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Why is reading to your children important?

Every January, Family Literacy Day raises awareness of the importance of reading together as family. Reading out loud to your children has endless benefits for both you and them. Check out this list if you want to learn more about the power of literacy.

Learning is essential to a child’s development. Reading with your child every day will help them become the stellar student you always dreamed they would be. Not only will reading with your children ensure strong literacy skills,

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Budgeting tips for the new year

A new year is the best time to set goals for yourself. Making a new budget will help you be more organized and reduce your stress. If you are interested in redoing your financial plan, follow these tips for a successful budget.

Use a spreadsheet. If you are taking your budget seriously, don’t just jot down some numbers on a piece of paper. Spreadsheets are easier to revisit and edit, so take the time to make one this year.

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Hidden benefits of supporting a charity

Supporting non-profit organizations can have more benefits than you might think. If you’re on the edge about giving to charity, check out these perks:

  1. Tax benefits. Charitable donations may be written off as a tax deduction in Canada. The process is easy and lets you contribute directly to issues you’re personally concerned about, so there is no reason not to give yourself a little boost after giving back.

  2. See your efforts in action. If you give consistently to the same organization,

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How to teach your kids to give back this holiday season

We all want to instill our most cherished values in our children. If you are someone who really cares about helping others, you are probably wondering how to make sure your kids feel the same way. Fortunately, kids are sensitive and responsive learners, so you will have no problem teaching them the importance of giving back.

Let your children know how lucky they are. It can be tempting to try and shield your child from all the negative things in the world.

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Brave women in science and technology

Women are still underrepresented in science and technology in most countries across the globe. Nonetheless, there are women who persist and become pioneers in their chosen field. This year, in honour of Science and Tech, you can celebrate women around the world who break barriers in STEM fields.

Dr. Segenet Kelemu, originally from Ethiopia, is currently a plant pathologist and ecologist in Nairobi. As a student, she won a scholarship that brought her to the United States to get her doctorate.

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3 ways to earn volunteer hours for high school

Did you know that every Ontario student in secondary school must complete at least 40 hours of community service to graduate? Many other provinces have similar stipulations. Help your child start off this school year right by getting ahead of their community service requirements with these three rewarding ways to volunteer.

  1. Become a literacy tutor. If your child excels in their English and language courses, check out some after-school programs offering ESL courses. They may be eligible to help some younger children with their reading and writing skills.

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Learning perspective before back-to-school

As students across the country enjoy the last few days of summer and prepare to return to school refreshed and excited to learn the skills needed for their future careers, it’s important to remember that not every child is as fortunate.

While Canadian students have the assurance of a primary and secondary education, girls all over the world are often still denied access to school. In many sub-Saharan African nations, girls are forced to leave school early due to immense poverty and discrimination.

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