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International Women's Day

Women’s Day and the fight for equality

International Women’s Day is rooted in the struggle for gender equality. Celebrated today, this international event is affiliated with the United Nations, which began recognizing the day in 1970. Its rich history shows just how much women have accomplished — but the battle is not yet over.

Girls and women still experience inequality in many areas, especially when it comes to access to education. Over 30 million girls of secondary school age were out of school in 2013. That’s 30 million girls who did not have the chance to go to school past grade nine because of poverty and discrimination.

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5 reasons your New Year’s resolutions should include volunteering

The new year is a time for new resolutions. Instead of pledging to drink less caffeine or start using that gym membership you bought last January, why not take on a resolution that is both sustainable and beneficial to your health?

Volunteer work is the new health regimen. A recent study conducted by Harvard University has shown that those who take part in regular volunteer work have similar health benefits to those who exercise regularly. Physicians have even added volunteering to their list of recommendations for all patients.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with perspective

It was in England that February 14th first became associated with romantic cards being sent by an admirer. And by 1910, Hallmark Cards was founded leading to the mass production of valentines and the holiday as we know it. We now recognize Valentine’s Day as a time to celebrate love and marriage — but we must also remember there are those who have such things forced upon them.

In many sub-Saharan African countries, child-marriage is an all-too-common occurrence. Poverty and a lack of employment opportunities mean that girls are often sold to older men by their parents in exchange for money or livestock.

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3 girls outside in Uganda

Celebrate International Development Week

This year marks the 26th anniversary of Canada’s International Development Week, taking place between February 5 and 11. The event has been an annual occurrence since its creation in 1991 by the Canadian International Development Agency. Its goal is to highlight the work Canada has done in developing communities and the international sphere. Through activities and conferences, Canadians have the opportunity to engage as global citizens. International Development Week aims to increase awareness and urges us to come together to end poverty and injustice.

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Sign with progress is our goal

Uganda’s declining coffee market and its effect on national poverty

Uganda used to be a world player in the coffee game — in fact, almost every home in Canada had Ugandan coffee with or without realizing it.

Agriculture makes up approximately 42 per cent of Uganda’s GDP and 80 per cent of employment. With the majority of the population living in rural communities, farming is a way of life and a means of survival. Individuals farm land for small Ugandan companies, who then sell the product to large corporations in Europe and North America.

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Girls Club gives opportunities to ebola-stricken communities

During the spring of 2014, Sierra Leone was hit with the worst Ebola epidemic in history. Public gatherings were prohibited, schools were closed, and the country lost 3,956 lives.

Due to the threat of infection, students were out of school from May 2015 to August 2016, and relied solely on government radio classes to continue their education. The closures also banned local community groups and activities, including the much beloved Girls Club.

Girls Club was created by Beautiful World,

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2017 goals for Beautiful World

Somewhere in the rush of carrying gifts and baked treats from one holiday party to the next, deeper thoughts sneak in – thoughts about the year coming to a close and the year ahead, thankful thoughts, grateful thoughts, hopeful thoughts.

At Beautiful World, our hopes and goals are all for our students: helping them create better lives for themselves and their families. Here are our goals for the coming year:

  1. Evaluate our Grad Prep Program

It’s so exciting to see our students study,

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