Tammy Ebuen

Sara Dunkley and Jackson Kaguri

An Endless Possibilities Breakfast

On October 25th, 200 people arrived at the Design Exchange first thing in the morning, to enjoy breakfast and hear from Sara Dunkley, Founder and Board Chair of Beautiful World, and Jackson Kaguri, Founder of the Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project, one of Beautiful World’s partners in Uganda.

Long-standing supporters of Beautiful World came through once again, to host a table for the free event, and bring guests who had never heard about Beautiful World before, but who wanted to learn more.

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phiona mutesi chess

The latest news from Phiona Mutesi, the real Queen of Katwe!

Back in April, so many of you had the chance to meet and hear from Phiona Mutesi, and her coach, Robert Katende, whose life story inspired the 2016 Disney movie, The Queen of Katwe. It was a magical week, with Phiona and Robert joining us at our Gala, a chess tournament, movie screening, and much more.

Since then, Phiona has set off from Uganda once again, this time to study at Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington. Phiona’s dream has always been to pursue a degree in sociology: “I desire to be a voice for the less privileged and marginalized groups of people in society,

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