The benefits of grassroots organizing

The holiday season often inspires us to give back. If you are interested in volunteering or donating to a non-profit, consider choosing one that engages in grassroots organizing. Grassroots organizations work directly with members of a community to ensure that their needs are heard and addressed. Check out these reasons why working with local people is the best way to bring about change:

The benefits of grassroots organizing - women going to market in Sierra Leone Local knowledge, global effects. Non-profits with local partners have unique opportunities to create change because of their improved understanding of community issues. This is especially important for international aid groups, since their base is far from where they provide help. Partners on the ground can let global charities know what they need in ways that no one else can.

Better use of funding. Since grassroots organizations know exactly what communities need, they can use their funding to directly benefit those issues. Sometimes larger organizations develop hefty overhead costs, so their donations don’t go directly to their cause. Grassroots organizations are usually much smaller, which allows them to allocate funds to what matters most. For example, Beautiful World works with local partners across Africa. And we give 100 per cent of online donations to the women and girls we support.

Empower local people. Local residents have the most potential to make lasting change in their own communities. When international organizations help local activists, they give them the tools to address problems from a grassroots level. This is not only effective, but also leaves community members feeling empowered and ready to tackle future challenges.

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