Photo of a house after the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uganda

Life After AIDS in Uganda

When the HIV/AIDS epidemic struck in the 1980s, Uganda was one of the countries hit most severely. During the height ...
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Girls Scholarships Recipient in Uganda

Universities for Ugandans

Many citizens in developed nations take the opportunity to attend college or university for granted. In Canada, students have help ...
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Nurse in Uganda, Girls Scholarships Recipient

International Nurses Day

On May 12, medical professionals all over the globe commemorate the birth of Florence Nightingale in celebration of International Nurses ...
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Beautiful World’s Canadian Mothers

Beautiful moms

Mothers are mothers, regardless of where they come from. Beautiful World has mothers from all walks of life. Beautiful World ...
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Children playing jump rope

3 reasons to donate to charity

If you find yourself wanting to make a difference in your community, a donation of your time or money to ...
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Photo of Phiona

Roméo Dallaire vs Queen of Katwe chess match – April 4, 2017 in Toronto

Beautiful World will be having its 5th annual gala on April 4, 2017 to bring 300 people together to support ...
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International Women's Day

Women’s Day and the fight for equality

International Women’s Day is rooted in the struggle for gender equality. Celebrated today, this international event is affiliated with the ...
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with perspective

It was in England that February 14th first became associated with romantic cards being sent by an admirer. And by ...
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3 girls outside in Uganda

Celebrate International Development Week

This year marks the 26th anniversary of Canada’s International Development Week, taking place between February 5 and 11. The event ...
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Sign with progress is our goal

Uganda’s declining coffee market and its effect on national poverty

Uganda used to be a world player in the coffee game — in fact, almost every home in Canada had ...
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Girls smiling

Girls Club gives opportunities to ebola-stricken communities

During the spring of 2014, Sierra Leone was hit with the worst Ebola epidemic in history. Public gatherings were prohibited, ...
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5 reasons your New Year’s resolutions should include volunteering

The new year is a time for new resolutions. Instead of pledging to drink less caffeine or start using that ...
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