Marion, a Beautiful World scholarship student in Sierra Leone

Budgeting tips for the new year

A new year is the best time to set goals for yourself. Making a new budget will help you be ...
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Marion, a Beautiful World student in her high school class in Sierra Leone

Hidden benefits of supporting a charity

Supporting non-profit organizations can have more benefits than you might think. If you’re on the edge about giving to charity, ...
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Marion is studying at Freetown Teachers College. She is a Beautiful World scholarship student in Sierra Leone.

New Year’s resolutions that help others

The new year is a great time to work on self-improvement. Many people do this by setting goals like going ...
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Kadiatu a Beautiful World student in Sierra Leone supported by a monthly donor

The New Year’s resolution you can actually keep

Every New Year’s Eve we do the same thing: write down a list of all our goals for the upcoming ...
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Alpha and her brother Momo sitting outside their home in Sierra Leone

How to teach your kids to give back this holiday season

We all want to instill our most cherished values in our children. If you are someone who really cares about ...
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Ways to give back this Christmas - Marion, a Beautiful World student eating dinner with her classmate in Sierra Leone

Ways to give back this Christmas

Christmas is the season of giving. It’s always fun to buy gifts for friends and family, but it’s also rewarding ...
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Student at library

How to update your wish list

This holiday season, instead of making a wish list of stuff, ask for the gift that keeps on giving: a ...
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The benefits of grassroots organizing - women going to market in Sierra Leone

The benefits of grassroots organizing

The holiday season often inspires us to give back. If you are interested in volunteering or donating to a non-profit, ...
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Sara Dunkley and Jackson Kaguri

An Endless Possibilities Breakfast

On October 25th, 200 people arrived at the Design Exchange first thing in the morning, to enjoy breakfast and hear ...
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phiona mutesi chess

The latest news from Phiona Mutesi, the real Queen of Katwe!

Back in April, so many of you had the chance to meet and hear from Phiona Mutesi, and her coach, ...
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girl in school

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day?

Have you ever skipped breakfast on a busy morning and felt sluggish and distracted for the rest of the day? ...
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Women in STEM walking

Brave women in science and technology

Women are still underrepresented in science and technology in most countries across the globe. Nonetheless, there are women who persist ...
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