Budgeting tips for the new year

A new year is the best time to set goals for yourself. Making a new budget will help you be more organized and reduce your stress. If you are interested in redoing your financial plan, follow these tips for a successful budget.

Marion, a Beautiful World scholarship student in Sierra Leone
Marion, a Beautiful World scholarship student in Sierra Leone

Use a spreadsheet. If you are taking your budget seriously, don’t just jot down some numbers on a piece of paper. Spreadsheets are easier to revisit and edit, so take the time to make one this year.

Don’t try to plan everything. Making a budget is important, but so is having some flexibility. Some months you will spend less than expected, while others you might have big unexpected expenses. If you give yourself a little wiggle room each month, these changes won’t break the bank.

Set aside money for charity. If you don’t already donate to charity, now is the time to start. Find a non-profit that matches your interests and set up a monthly gift for them. Don’t forget that donations are tax deductible. If women’s rights and education are important to you, one charity to consider is Beautiful World. We support girls living in poverty in Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Sierra Leone to pursue higher education. Each scholarship provides everything a student needs for success, ranging from tuition to toothpaste.

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