Celebrate Thanksgiving by helping a charity

There are more ways to enjoy Thanksgiving than eating lots of turkey, pumpkin and mashed potatoes. The fall holiday marks out a time to remember what we are grateful for in our lives. If you want to do more this year to show how you are thankful, consider helping a charitable cause. It’s a great way to give back. You can learn more about important causes and make it a family event.

Alpha and Kadiatu sitting outside Kadiatu's home laughing in Sierra LeoneThere are two main ways to help a charitable organization — donate your time or donate your money. Lots of charities have established volunteer programs that you can join. Some let you volunteer just once for a few hours, while others let you get involved long-term and establish a relationship with the organization. There are also creative options, such as hosting your own event for an organization like Beautiful World. Beautiful World was founded to provide post-secondary education assistance to young women in sub-Saharan Africa.

Non-profits could not exist without support from the community. Whether you give one holiday donation or become a monthly donor, any help will be greatly appreciated. Plus, charitable donations are tax deductible, so you get a little benefit as well as the organization.

If you are worried about where your money is going, do some research on a charity’s structure. Many charities are very transparent, and some even give all their donations directly to their cause. Find out more about direct giving at www.beautifulworldcanada.org.

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