3 ways to earn volunteer hours for high school

Marie, Beatrice, Jane, Sophie - Girls in UgandaDid you know that every Ontario student in secondary school must complete at least 40 hours of community service to graduate? Many other provinces have similar stipulations. Help your child start off this school year right by getting ahead of their community service requirements with these three rewarding ways to volunteer.

  1. Become a literacy tutor. If your child excels in their English and language courses, check out some after-school programs offering ESL courses. They may be eligible to help some younger children with their reading and writing skills.
  2. Work at a soup kitchen. Many churches and community centres run soup kitchens and drop-in meal programs. Your child will get a chance to interact and engage with a variety of people with unique perspectives and life experiences.
  3. Volunteer at a charity. Many charities rely on the work of volunteers. Have your child research charities with a message that interests them and see if there are any openings for students.

If human and women’s rights are important concerns, check around our webpage. Beautiful World works with partners in Uganda, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. We  provide scholarships to young women wishing to attend post-secondary education. Beautiful World supports women so they can graduate with a better chance of finding employment and allows them to focus on bettering themselves and their community and we are always looking for volunteers.

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