Why is reading to your children important?

Every January, Family Literacy Day raises awareness of the importance of reading together as family. Reading out loud to your children has endless benefits for both you and them. Check out this list if you want to learn more about the power of literacy.

Kadiatu, a Beautiful World student and her grandfather in Sierra Leone
Kadiatu, a Beautiful World student and her grandfather in Sierra Leone

Learning is essential to a child’s development. Reading with your child every day will help them become the stellar student you always dreamed they would be. Not only will reading with your children ensure strong literacy skills, it will also stimulate their creativity and imagination. Plus, reading out loud is good for adults too. Even if it is just a children’s book, reading can help with your own literacy and public speaking skills.

Reading together is a bonding experience. If you take time every day to read with your children, it will become a ritual you think fondly of for years to come. This will strengthen your relationship and build memories that make both of you happier. If you are lucky, family reading time could even last into their teenage years.

Literacy is a life-changing skill. Reading comprehension is essential for a healthy, productive life. In countries where literacy is less common, literate families not only make more money, but are also less susceptible to disease. That’s one reason why Beautiful World provides comprehensive higher education scholarships to young women in Africa. Even though Family Literacy Day is a Canadian holiday, we can all hope that one day all families around the world will be able to read together.

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