A Grandmother’s Hope (2 of 2)

JaneEarlier this month, Sarah shared her story about Jane, her granddaughter. If you missed it, click here. Below she finishes her letter to Canadians part of the Beautiful World community.

With the help of Canadians like you, Jane is now studying to be a nurse.

Nurses in Uganda are in high demand. With her income she can help change our lives, too and be a role model to other girls in the community by inspiring them to work hard and be persistent. Through her own knowledge and skills learned in school, she will help develop the entire community and make everyone healthier. These are Jane’s future goals after she is finished nursing school. She wants to make her community stronger.

I believe education is important, because I am sure that if Jane is educated she will have a brighter future and she will overcome all the challenges we face as women.Grandmother and Granddaughter

Education for girls is the future of our community, and a way to be free from poverty. Girls can become leaders in society.

Thank you so much for giving my grandchild an opportunity to continue her education. It is the biggest blessing. There are many girls in our community who have the same desire to continue their education but without the resources, they have no hope at all. Your support can create a new path, breaking the cycle of poverty so girls do not have to endure the same hardships they’ve known all their lives. Girls can lead, make a difference, and have a different story.

Thank you for giving Jane that chance to change her life forever. Your support empowers girls and strengthens our community.

Warm regards,

Nalukwago Sarah

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