How to be a global citizen

This February, Canada celebrates its 28th annual International Development Week. The week marks a time to reflect on how Canadians can be better global citizens by helping people and countries in need. If you are interested in becoming more globally engaged, the easiest and most effective thing you can do is support an international charity. Follow these steps to become a more charitable global citizen during this week:

Christiana, a Beautiful World scholar doing washing outside her home in Sierra LeoneResearch. The world is a large, complicated place. Before you decide how you want to spend your money, do some research on current global issues. In the process, you might learn things you didn’t already know about international politics and history.

Pick a charity. After you have completed your research, choose an organization that suits your interests and concerns. If you are passionate about women’s issues, consider a group like Beautiful World Canada, an organization that provides scholarships to women in sub-Saharan Africa.

Tell your friends. After you have donated, make sure to tell your loved ones about the organization you chose. They might also be interesting in giving or volunteering. And even if they don’t have money to spare right now, they can help spread the word about the important work that so many Canadian non-profits are doing overseas.

If you have any other ideas please post them in the comments. I welcome all suggestions.

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