Learning perspective before back-to-school

As students across the country enjoy the last few days of summer and prepare to return to school refreshed and excited to learn the skills needed for their future careers, it’s important to remember that not every child is as fortunate.

While Canadian students have the assurance of a primary and secondary education, girls all over the world are often still denied access to school. In many sub-Saharan African nations, girls are forced to leave school early due to immense poverty and discrimination. Denied the chance to finish secondary school and unable to continue their education at the college or university level, their chances of a good career are significantly affected.

Girl sitting at desk in school

When a young woman can continue learning past secondary school, she is better equipped with the skills to find safe and sustainable employment, allowing her to choose her own path in life without needing to marry young. Yet there are 31 million girls who are of primary school age but not in school. In Sierra Leone, only 53.8 per cent of females are literate, compared to 71.6 per cent of males.

Countries like Rwanda are encouraging all young people to consider a STEM degree or TVET (technical vocational education and training) to improve infrastructural development. Although enrollment for primary school education has gone up in the past decade, the number of women enrolled in post-secondary is still low in East Africa.

This is why Beautiful World Canada focuses on providing college and university scholarships to women in Uganda, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. These efforts help women graduate with a better chance of finding employment and concentrate on bettering themselves and their community.

Girl sitting at desk in school

In fact, when females begin earning an income, they will reinvest 90 per cent of it into their family. For every extra year a girl stays in secondary school, her future income increases by 15 to 25 per cent. But a college or university degree is needed now more than ever to succeed in the job market. You can help make a difference and find more information at www.beautifulworldcanada.org.

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