3 reasons to donate to charity

If you find yourself wanting to make a difference in your community, a donation of your time or money to a local charity could be the solution. Here are three reasons to donate to charity and help support a cause you believe in:

1. It can keepChildren playing jump rope you informed about important issues. Many charities concentrate their efforts on social justice, the planet and international development. By getting in contact with a charity, you can learn more about a crucial and important topic that interests you.

2. You may receive a tax deduction. You are eligible to receive a deduction on your taxes with a monetary donation to a registered Canadian charity.

3. Most importantly, you can help someone in need. If you are interested in doing some good, check out Toronto-based charity Beautiful World. We work with partners in Uganda, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. Beautiful World provides scholarships to young women to attend post-secondary education. This allows young women to graduate with a better chance of finding employment, enabling them to focus on bettering themselves and their community.

This post originally appeared on The Huffington Post.

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