Brenda's StoryBrenda is a 19 year old student in Uganda. She is the 2nd born of 5 children and she loves school. Brenda enjoys reading and learning new things. She graduated from high school in 2012 with exceptional marks, despite having had a very challenging final year.

At the beginning of her final year, Brenda’s father lost his job. After losing his job, he was unable to pay back all of the loans he had taken out from the bank. The bank seized their house, leaving the family homeless. Brenda and her family were taken in by relatives, who helped support Brenda in continuing her education. Not long after going to stay with their relatives, Brenda’s father suffered a breakdown. He was overwhelmed with stress and grief over the fact that he could not afford to send any of his children to school anymore and was admitted to a mental health facility.

With her father being unable to work, Brenda’s mother started a small vegetable business to help support the family. Brenda has been helping her mother with the business, but it is not generating enough income in order for the family to be able to afford to send Brenda to university. Despite being a star student in school, Brenda’s dream of continuing her education was slipping away.

She reached out to The Forum of African Women Educationalists (FAWE-U), a non-profit organization in Uganda dedicated to helping at-risk youth complete an education. FAWE-U passed her application along to Beautiful World. Brenda’s passion for education and perseverance in the face of challenge made her an ideal candidate for Beautiful World’s post-secondary scholarship program, run in partnership with FAWE-U.

She is now pursuing a degree in Biomedical Science on full scholarship. She is particularly interested in bone marrow transplants and would like to help save the lives of the many Ugandan children suffering from sickle cell disease. Once she has secured a job, she would like to give back to other students in need.
“I hope to make a change in someone’s life just like the change that was made in mine” -Brenda