Bridget is a 20 year old student in Uganda. She is an orphan, having lost both of her parents during her childhood. Bridget and her 10 siblings were raised by their elderly grandmother. The family labors in other peoples’ gardens in order to earn enough income to support their basic needs. After completing her high school education, Bridget wanted to pursue a higher education in the field of Industrial Art but knew that this was out of reach financially. With 10 other children to care for, Bridget’s grandmother could not afford to enrol her in a post-secondary program. Bridget had almost given up on her dream. Luckily, Bridget was introduced to Beautiful World through ROTOM in 2013. ROTOM is a local non-profit organization in Uganda that provides assistance to vulnerable older persons and their dependents in Uganda.

In 2012, Beautiful World partnered with ROTOM to create a post-secondary scholarship program for young women in Uganda. Bridget’s passion for school and desire to study further made her a perfect candidate for this program. She is now studying Industrial Art and Design. Bridget is very creative and has an entrepreneurial spirit. Her dream is to own her own business making and selling jewelry once she is finished school. She would like to employ other women from her village to help grow her business so that they may also share in the prosperity. During the recent school holidays, Bridget helped teach some of Beautiful World and ROTOM’s sponsored students in secondary school how to make jewelry. The students can sell the jewelry that they make during their school holidays in the local market to help support their families. Beautiful World is thrilled to be able to support students like Bridget as they work towards achieving their dreams.