Gloria is a student at Kyambogo University in the Kampala district of Uganda. She is in her fourth year of school, working towards a Bachelor of Science degree in building economics. Through hard work and dedication, Gloria’s education was secured by generous donors leaving her with a far brighter future than she envisioned before Beautiful World entered her life. She hopes to use her degree to become a professional quantitative surveyor, and in doing so, improve the infrastructure of her country.

As a Beautiful World scholar, Gloria has gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of giving back to her community. Knowing the struggle children living in poverty face each day, Gloria has dedicated her after-school life to volunteer work.

During her time at University, Gloria has become involved with student charities catering towards at-risk youth in the surrounding communities. On a regular basis, Gloria and other students at the university visit various primary schools in their area. After calculating the number of children struggling with poverty at each school, the university students return with a pair of shoes; one pair for each child. By the end of the day, those children have at least some of their burden elevated. These children can endure the long walk to school without fear of injuring their little feet.

In addition, Gloria volunteers with an organization focused on assisting local teenagers. The organization works with older youths to find out their views on specific aspects of their country, government, and its policies. Their goal: to satisfy the needs of the youth by providing them with an outlet to voice their opinions.

Having once been in a similar situation to the youths she now works with, Gloria promotes the importance of getting an education. When asked about female education specifically, she responded enthusiastically about the need for all women to have access to education. This will help women be agents of change in their own lives.

She says, “Women are greatly involved in changing society, they are the people who are involved in making the lives of the children better…they are the ones that impact the children…the characters of the children will be formed by the mother…if the mother is educated, if she knows about business skills…she will be able to equip the children with the best skills”.

Because of Beautiful World Canada and our dedicated donors, Gloria has not only established a better life for herself, but has spread her message—the importance of education—throughout her community.