Isabellah was born in Eastern Uganda. She has 5 siblings – 4 sisters and 1 brother. Her father passed away when she was a young child, leaving her mother to raise the 6 children alone.

Isabellah’s mother works very hard to see that her children’s basic needs are taken care of. She grows vegetables and sugar cane, which she sells in the market in order to support her family. She is frequently mocked by community members, who insist that she is wasting her time and that she should simply marry off her daughters instead of educating them. But Isabellah’s mother is a strong woman who knows better. She knows that getting an education is the only way that her children will escape a life of poverty.

When the struggle for school fees became too much for her mother, Isabellah turned to the Forum for African Women Educationalists – Uganda Chapter (FAWE-U). FAWE-U is a local non-profit organization in Uganda that is dedicated to helping at-risk youth gain an education.

Isabellah was granted a scholarship that enabled her to complete a secondary education. While in school, she served as Vice Chairperson of her secondary school’s Business Club. The Club produced soap that was supplied to schools, hotels and businesses within the community. Isabellah thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She desperately wanted to study further, but knew this was out of reach financially. With so many other children in need of help to complete secondary school, FAWE-U was unable to provide her with a scholarship to study at university right after her graduation. However, they kept her application on file, hoping that one day they would be able to help her. Not long after, Beautiful World partnered with FAWE-U to provide post-secondary scholarships to girls in Uganda. Isabellah’s passion for education and entrepreneurial spirit made her a perfect candidate for the Beautiful World | FAWE Uganda scholarship program. She is now on full scholarship, studying Accounting and Finance at university.