Graduation We are pleased to announce the graduation of another Beautiful World scholar. This year, Loyce finished her Bachelor’s degree in Education and successfully graduated; one of only four students in her program to do so.

Loyce’s father passed away when she was in primary school, leaving her mother financially unstable and without a steady income to send her daughter to school. But Loyce’s mother was determined to give her daughter the education she never had. She solicited loans from neighbours, cultivated crops from her small farm, and used her husband’s pension to support Loyce through secondary school. However, despite her tireless efforts she was not able to earn enough money to send her daughter to university. Loyce and her family were left in a state of hopelessness. Without an education, Loyce started to see a grim future for herself. But her mother’s unwavering spirit changed everything—she was determined to have her daughter continue her studies past secondary school. After getting in contact with ROTOM, Loyce and her mother discovered Beautiful World. Loyce applied and received a scholarship to continue her education at university.

Graduation As a scholarship recipient, Loyce received tuition, health care, nutritional items, housing, and transportation costs to attend university and complete her bachelor’s degree. While she had nothing to give back to those who helped her, Loyce studied hard to maintain top grades and ensure the sacrifices her mother had made would not be in vain.

Loyce continued to succeed all expectations by finding a job immediately after graduation. She is currently teaching at East African College in Ntungamo. By completing both her education and finding a job in her field, Loyce represents the epitome of a Beautiful World success story and now looks forward to a bright future.