Marie grew up in Central Rwanda. Her parents rely on subsistence agriculture in order to support their 7 children. Growing up, Marie saw how hard her parents struggled every day just to be able to provide for her basic needs. Neither her mother nor her father had the opportunity to study beyond primary school. Thankfully, Marie’s family received government assistance that enabled her to complete secondary school.

Marie excelled in school and dreamed of being able to study further one day. Since graduating in 2012, Marie has been helping her parents with the farming. Sadly, most of the time the family has no excess crops or milk to sell in the market to earn any income to save for Marie’s tuition. After 2 years of working with her parents, Marie was beginning to lose hope that she would ever return to school.

In 2014, Beautiful World formed a partnership with The Forum for African Women Educationalists – Rwanda Chapter (FAWE Rwanda) in order to help vulnerable young women in Rwanda complete a higher education. Marie is one of the first students to benefit from this program. She is now on full scholarship, studying Biomedical Engineering. After she graduates, Marie wants to give back to other children in need. She wants more young women to be given the chance to create a brighter future for themselves and their families.