Medius is a 24-year-old student in Uganda. In her family, she is the youngest of 4 children. Medius and her siblings are orphans, having lost both their mother and father when they were children. They were raised by their elderly grandfather. Medius’ grandfather had been selling off the land that he owned in order to raise enough money to ensure that his grandchildren were able to complete secondary school.

Medius has always loved school and wanted to study Psychology at university. She dreamed of becoming a mental health professional so that she could help people in need. Unfortunately, after she completed secondary school, her grandfather told her that he had no more land to sell off in order to raise money for her tuition. She began to lose hope of ever studying at university.

Thankfully, Medius knew of an organization called ROTOM that provides assistance to vulnerable older persons and their dependents in Uganda. Medius’ love for school and desire to help others made her a strong candidate for the Beautiful World | ROTOM Scholarship Program and she became one of the first students to join the scholarship program. We are thrilled to say that Medius is now in her third year at university, pursuing a degree in Community Psychology. She is looking forward to the day that she will graduate, and begin a lifelong career of helping others in need.