Prossy N

Prossy is completing her bachelor’s degree at Kyambogo University in Kampala, Uganda. She is majoring in Developmental Studies, a program within the Department of Education. Without parents, she and her siblings were raised by their grandmother. Like all Beautiful World scholars, Prossy was provided with a mentor; a mentor who has now taken Prossy under her wing and brought her into a stable family environment.

African girlProssy’s mentor cares for her like a sister. Regular contact through visits and phone calls is encouraged but Prossy’s mentor has gone above and beyond the call of duty. She often invites Prossy into her home, having her over for dinner to discuss her goals and life plans.

Her mentor also provides her guidance in both her personal life and future career. Prossy’s goal is to become “a successful person and finish [her] studies in order to help other girls like her who don’t have access to education”.

Having recognized the importance of giving back, Prossy has chosen a career with ROTOM Uganda; a non-profit organization whom Beautiful World partners with. Prossy will continue to promote education and assist girls struggling with poverty at her new position.

African GirlBy having a mentor students receive an informal education—allowing them to open up to someone and voice their opinions. Through their mentor, students are taught self-confidence, social skills, and are provided with someone they can turn to who believes in them; someone who makes them feel important, and to whom they are also accountable.

The women like Prossy’s mentor who have accepted the role are leaders in their community and are happy to have been given the privilege of guiding the next generation of women.

Prossy says: “I take education as my first priority in order to help other people, my family and my community. I want to help and inspire other girls”