Prossy grew up with two generations of women: her mother and grandmother. Her caregivers had little education and struggled to earn enough money to keep the family fed. The family could not afford to send Prossy to school and so she too envisioned a life similar to the generations before her: filled with hunger and unemployment.

mom and babyBut hope entered their lives when Prossy’s grandmother joined ROTOM. While the organization was originally developed to provide emotional support to grandmothers affected by AIDS, they soon expanded to assist ROTOM granddaughters. ROTOM is now Beautiful World’s on-ground partner who assists in seeking out potential scholarship recipients. After her grandmother joined ROTOM, Prossy was chosen for a scholarship to attend college. Sadly, Prossy’s beloved grandmother died shortly after Prossy received her scholarship.

After becoming pregnant during her first year of college, Prossy thought her chance for a better life would end. But Beautiful World and donors like you stepped in. By corresponding with Prossy and developing a plan for her education, she was able to take time off of school to have her baby and return the next year with her scholarship still available. Prossy now has dreams not only for her future career, developing a social enterprise, but for the future of her children. She exclaims tearfully during an interview with Beautiful World how thankful she is for the generous Canadians who put so much faith in her abilities. She pledges to her sponsors, “I promise I will work hard and hope I can succeed…I want [my children] to have a good life, a better life. That is why I am struggling to get an education”.

Without the help of donors like you, Prossy would have been unable to continue with her education; leaving her a destitute single mother, with little hope of providing for her family. Because our donors believe in the potential of girls, Prossy and so many like her get a second chance at life. They are no longer trapped in the cycle of poverty they were born into; they are able to change their destiny. The future of Prossy’s children and generations after them will be forever changed by your support and the education she will receive