Ruth is a nursing student at Kisiizi Hospital School of Nursing. She was born in Uganda and is the eldest of six children. Ruth’s siblings are all significantly younger than her, and are currently in primary school. One of her younger brothers has vision problems but without extra income, he has been left to suffer without the possibility of medical care.

Ugandan NurseWhen Ruth was born, she went to live with her grandmother while her mother tried to earn an income for the family. With her grandmother aging and ill, Ruth was in charge of carrying firewood over her head, digging the ground for crops, and fetching water. Ruth had far more inherent skills than just manual labour. She studied as hard as she could and took an interest in a variety of subjects—particularly the sciences. Due to her amazing academic record and need, Ruth was granted a scholarship with Beautiful World to fulfill her dream of attending nursing school.

Ruth is now viewed as a role model and leader in both her family and community. Her knowledge of medicine has been a great benefit to those around her as she will soon be able to provide care to those unable to afford it. Her siblings have great hope that Ruth will become a nurse, and that she will come back home soon to help them too.

Upon graduating, Ruth will be the first nurse in her family. Ruth remarks that nursing school has been the greatest thing to ever happen in her life. Her favourite part of being a nurse is conversing with patients in the hospital and attempting to make them comfortable and happy in whatever way she can.

Ugandan NurseSince being interviewed by Beautiful World, Ruth was thrilled to report she is now able to give vaccinations to her patients. With this skill, Ruth has moved up in the ranks of nurses and is now considered a senior nurse—a position that has garnered her great respect throughout the hospital.

Ruth is extremely interested in immunization work and how to properly give injections. She hopes to reach the importance of vaccinations to those in her community as those without education often are unaware of the benefits vaccinations provide.