Universities for Ugandans

Many citizens in developed nations take the opportunity to attend college or university for granted. In Canada, students have help pay for tuition through grants, loans and scholarships, while in many European Union countries, tuition is provided or assisted by the government. This has helped the number of people with postsecondary degrees to increase. Canada for example in 2012, had the highest number of citizens with some form of postsecondary education at 51 per cent, according to a report by Time Magazine.

While the success of North American and European countries increases, sub-Saharan Africa still lags. In some countries, the enrollment rates for postsecondary studies are the lowest in the world, at just five per cent for women.

Many charities across the globe aim to improve female education in sub-Saharan Africa, but their efforts are often focused on primary education. Students who are sponsored to attend high school are ultimately limited once they graduate. The cost for university or college tuition is often too much of a financial burden for families in countries like Uganda, where 20 per cent of the population lives on less than $2 a day. This leaves them without the necessary postsecondary education scrambling to find a job in an environment where employers are looking for workers with practical skills like IT and computer literacy.

For this reason, Beautiful World Canada focuses on assisting women in Uganda, Rwanda and Sierra Leone with their post-secondary education. Every student who receives a scholarship also participates in a graduation preparation program. “Grad Prep” is a program designed to help students through a series of workshops, where they learn about resumes, cover letters and basic skills needed in an office environment. By becoming a Beautiful World scholar, students gain the financial support to fund their education and receive the practical support to succeed in the job market.


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