How to update your wish list

This holiday season, instead of making a wish list of stuff, ask for the gift that keeps on giving: a donation to charity. If you have never asked for a donation as a gift before, there are a couple of things you should think about first.

Start by selecting your charity. There are so many great causes out there, so it can feel impossible to pick just one. Think about what issues are most important to you, such as children, hunger, health, education and human rights. Next, find one or more organizations that match your interests. Many non-profits address multiple issues. For example, Beautiful World Canada provides scholarships to girls in Africa, making it a great organization if you are interested in women’s issues, education or international causes.

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The next step is deciding how you will ask people to donate. There are more ways than you think to raise money for a charity. You can always directly give, whether it be online or through the mail with a cheque. Some organizations will help you create a fundraising page, allowing you to post information about the charity and giving everyone involved the chance to see the progress you make. Another option is hosting a fundraising party. Have an entry fee and leave a jar for extra donations. No one will complain about donating a few extra dollars to go to a fun holiday gathering.

Lastly, make sure you let people know about your plans before they have bought you a gift. Send everyone an email letting them know that you are simply asking for donations to charity this year.

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