Ways to give back this Christmas

Christmas is the season of giving. It’s always fun to buy gifts for friends and family, but it’s also rewarding to give to those in need. If you are considering putting extra effort into giving back this holiday season, check out this list of how you can best share the love:

  1. Do something for you community. There are so many ways to support charitable causes in your area. You can, of course, donate to a local charity. Or, if you want to do something special for Christmas, consider preparing a holiday meal at a local homeless or women’s shelter. No better way to spread the holiday cheer than by making sure everyone has a good meal.Ways to give back this Christmas - Marion, a Beautiful World student eating dinner with her classmate in Sierra Leone
  2. Help kids in need. Parents love making their children happy and getting them the gift of their dreams. While your child might want the newest toy, for many kids around the world, the gift of their dreams is simply a hot meal or a change of clothes. You can make this a reality by donating to an organization that supports global youth. Check out Beautiful World Canada to learn more about how you can help girls in Africa achieve their dream of getting an education.
  3. Skip the presents. We all love getting showered with gifts, but sometimes helping others feels even better. Consider telling your friends and family to donate to charity in your name instead of buying you a present. You can set up a fundraiser page so people can read about the charity of your choice as well as see how much you have raised.

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