Jemimah is a bright student pursuing a degree in civil engineering at Kyambogo University. Jemimah’s parents were unable to provide financial support to her university tuition because of their low income. Due to her father’s age and health concerns, he was no longer able to carry out his farming activities, which has provided the family with income.

In school, Jemimah participates in the praise and worship choir in the community church. She is also a group leader in her math class and have learnt valuable lessons like how to work with other people. With her scholarship, Jemimah commits to focusing on schoolwork and attending classes so that she can get a paying job to help with some of the fees. She also hopes to earn money to help support her support other young girls’ education. Recently, Jemimah attended her internship with the Ministry of Works and Transportation, on a road project crossing through a swamp in Uganda. She gained a lot of experience in road construction and knowledge about using different engineering equipment. Jemimah was involved in many activities such as practical skills in surveying works, Geo-technical laboratory works, computer skills in designing structural, buildings and architectural drawings.

In the future, Jemimah dreams of becoming a successful female civil engineer. She wants to become an independent woman who can support herself and be a strong pilar of support in her family. She hopes to be able to provide for her younger siblings and send them to school so they too can have a bright future. Jemimah wants to be role model in the community for young girls and their parents to see as a good example. Jemimah hopes to change the generation and support activities in her community. Furthermore, Jemimah dreams of creating a firm to employ those in her community to help reduce poverty.

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