Kayaga Asiyati Babirye is a 23 year old Beautiful World Scholar. With the
support of BWC, she attended Mbale school of Nursing. Babirye is a now a
professional Midwife after completing her certificate in midwifery.
Babirye joined the program in 2017 and completed her final exams from
Uganda Nurses and Midwifery Examinations Board (UNWEB) in December
2019. In February 2020, Babirye’s results came back and she had performed
very well. Babirye was the best in her school out of the 150 Nurses and
After receiving her excellent results, Babirye was hired to work at the
Namayamba Family clinic. She supports pregnant women and their babies.
With her earnings Babirye is able to support her family mostly with food during
this Covid- 19 pandemic.
Babirye’s dream is to save money and go back to school to pursue the next
level of achievement in her career- a diploma in Midwifery. She wants to
support her siblings to attend school. Babirye also wants to give back to her
community by offering services to pregnant women like counselling and
encouraging them to go for Antenatal care. She wants to teach early mothers
(girls) how to take care of their babies.
Babirye was to graduate in May 2020, but unfortunately the government closed
schools and public gatherings in March 2020 until further notice to prevent the
spread of Covid-19. For those reasons, her graduation was postponed until
further notice. After her graduation, Babirye will register as an enrolled
Midwifery apprentice.

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