Financials and Annual Review


In 2021, our program spending declined slightly from 2020 to $438,757. We
had 33 new students join our scholarship program and we have supported 775 students.
Our program spending declined in 2021 due to the COVID-19 lockdowns requiring schools
to be closed in Uganda, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. Majority of schools were closed in Uganda
for most of the school year in 2021, so many tuition payments were not made. In 2021, our
Grad Prep program ran a combination of virtual meetings and small groups meeting in
Uganda with 107 students. In Rwanda, 83 students attended Grad Prep in 2021 where they were able to meet in small in-person meetings.


Our 2021 operating costs declined slightly from the previous year. The costs savings
were generated from closing our office. Our focus on partnering with local organizations, as
well as the support of our incredible volunteers, helps us keep the cost of operations at 12
cents of every dollar raised. These expenses were offset by a generous donation from a
private family foundation. This means 100% of your donation goes directly to our programs.


1% of our budget was invested in fundraising and awareness building activity such as donor communications, and a holiday direct mail campaign. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, majority of our fundraising took place online with donor meetings by Zoom with our local partners in Africa. We also participated in the CAP bike ride in collaboration with other charities supporting local projects to raise funds to add additional students to our program in Uganda.