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We Are a Global Education Organization

We provide secondary and post-secondary comprehensive scholarships to girls living in Sub-Saharan Africa in the following countries: Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Zambia.

The Circle Of Support


Tuition is sometimes all that stands in the way of a girl and her education. We are committed to providing scholarships which cover the cost of tuition so students may continue their education past secondary school.

Personal Supplies

The cost of personal supplies and hygienic items are considered a luxury for many girls, despite their necessity. Each student is given the means to purchase personal supplies including toothpaste, soap, sanitary pads, and laundry detergent.

Housing & Transportation

Many of the girls come from remote, rural areas where the nearest school can be hours away; this can make getting an education extremely difficult. A Beautiful World scholarship provides each girl with the financial means for housing and transportation – allowing her to either live on campus, or safely commute from home.

Graduation Prep

Success for a Beautiful World scholar is not just graduating, but is also measured by a student’s ability to find employment after their education. The Grad Prep program is a series of workshops and assignments designed to teach students about the work force and how to successfully find a job after graduation.


Each student is paired with a female mentor who is representative of the positive outcome education can provide. These mentors are all successful young women who counsel and guide our students through their schooling – helping to ensure their success after graduation.

Why Girls?

For every extra year that a girl stays in secondary school, her future income increases by 15%-25%.

When she earns an income, she will reinvest 90% in her family, helping to lift them out of poverty.

She will marry later and have fewer but healthier children. Her children will be more likely to attend school.

She will become part of the next generation of leaders that will shape her community and country.

With Education students are building a brighter future!

Juliet, a Cosmetology Student

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Josephine, a Primary School Teacher

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Jemimah, a Civil Engineering Degree Student

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