Lamrot is one of ROTOM Ethiopia’s first graduates. She completed her diploma in accounting successfully and found a job immediately.

Lamrot’s parents abandoned her when she was a little girl, and she was raised by her grandmother, who had no formal education. Lamrot is the first person in her family to achieve formal education. Grandma could not afford Lamrot’s school fees but luckily government assistance enabled Lamrot to complete her primary and secondary school education.

When Lamrot was in grade 10, her grandmother became very ill with cancer. Lamrot’s uncle, who had occasionally offered financial support to her and her grandma died, leaving Lamrot with the responsibility of caring for her grandmother while also attending school. For that reason, she failed the national exam and could not join the preparatory level which leads to university. Lamrot’s community saw the passion that Lamrot had to advance her studies and despite their own financial challenges, they came together and raised funds for Lamrot to re-do her final grade. She graduated from secondary school with a high grade but then faced a new challenge in that she could not afford university fees.

Out of necessity, Lamrot began working as a casual laborer in the community. These jobs often put her in a danger as a young woman. Lamrot’s grandmother learned of ROTOM’s opportunity for at-risk girls. Despite being gravely ill, she made the trip to ROTOM’s office. Lamrot was later accepted into Beautiful World’s sponsorship program and she says, ”truly my whole world changed when I received this news. I knew I was not alone and that I would be able to achieve my dreams”. She had lost all hope and imagined a terribly difficult life, like generations before her.

Lamrot is now employed as a clerk at Birhan International Bank in Bishoftu. She is fully supporting herself and her grandmother. Without Beautiful World supporters, this would not have been possible. On behalf of Lamrot and all the other Beautiful World scholars, we deeply thank you for your generosity.

On her graduation day, Lamrot said “this scholarship not only paid my tuition and other expenses, but it also lifted up my burden. You made me equal with my peers. With your support, I am now able to change my destiny. Thank you so much for your great kindness and dedication, you have made a huge difference in my life. There were days when I walked more than 3 kilometers as a child, and all I could do then was dream, of one day becoming a graduate and finding employment. Because of you, that dream has come true. I promise to give back in kind to support other girls in need”.

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