Juliet is 23 years old and is a former Beautiful World Canada beneficiary. She graduated from YMCA Comprehensive Institute with a certificate in Cosmetology.

Juliet’s mother struggled to pay Juliet’s school fees till she graduated from high school. Sending Juliet to university was out of her mother’s ability so Juliet could not attend. Juliet’s grandmother needed a caregiver, so her mother sent Juliet to move in with her grandmother and take care of.

Moving in with her grandmother proved to be Juliet’s greatest blessing. It is while she lived with her grandmother that Juliet was given a scholarship to go back to school in partnership with Beautiful World Canada. Juliet was excited to continue chasing her dreams. Juliet enrolled in a cosmetology course, and she worked hard to graduate with good grades. With the Grad-Prep trainings at ROTOM and her education, Juliet secured a job in her field. The Grad-prep trainings helped Juliet acquire knowledge and skills in work etiquettes and how to deal with different clients.


“With my earnings, I can take care of myself, support my mother and my grandmother. I am also saving towards my dream of opening salon providing services like manicure, pedicure and hair dressing. That way, I will create employment opportunities and share my skills and knowledge with young girls in my community. Thank you, Beautiful World Canada for giving me hope for a better future.”


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