Sarah graduated from the YMCA Comprehensive Institute in Hotel Management and Catering.

Sarah says that while she was at school, she got the idea of providing outside catering services to the people of the community. This includes bridal showers, birthday parties, weddings, dinners, and many others. Through the Grad-prep trainings that Beautiful World Canada and local partners participate in, Sarah learnt how to save money (this helped her purchase some of the items she needed for her business), advertising through social media, business creativity/innovation and how to successfully start a business. Sarah recently started her business which she named “Sarah’s Kitchen” and hopes to be able to help employ girls in her community.

“With the earnings from my business, I am taking care of myself and my mother for now. But I also hope to extend support to other girls in my community by equipping them with skills in catering and providing scholastic materials. Thank you very much Beautiful World Canada for believing in me and for preparing me very well to manage and run my business.”

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