Agatha is a Beautiful World scholar in Uganda, pursuing a certificate in Secondary Education at Ndejje University main campus. She is confidently preparing to become a high school teacher.

Receiving a scholarship completely changed Agatha’s life. Agatha’s widowed mother struggled to pay for housing and provide the basic necessities of life. Agatha had never experienced owning a new pair of shoes until receiving support from Beautiful World. Because of her scholarship, which has relieved a huge financial burden on her family, Agatha now has hope and believes that her future and that of her entire family is bright.

During school breaks, Agatha volunteers with the seniors in her community by visiting them, cleaning their homes, and encouraging those with medical issues to visit the hospital. In addition, she volunteers in her community offering free tutoring to young children so that they can improve their learning skills. When she finds a job, Agatha pledges to use her earnings to support her own sisters’ education since they were forced to drop out for lack of finances. Agatha also plans to bring other professional young women together to address the lack of sanitary products for girls in her community so that they can remain in school and stay safe.

With Beautiful World’s sponsorship, Agatha has been provided with mentorship which has been a critical part of her success. This year, her mentor Patricia was extremely helpful in Agatha’s personal life. She is helping Agatha to build confidence and believe in herself. Patricia always advises Agatha to focus on her studies and teaches her how to save money, even as a student.

Agatha looks forward to graduating and finding a job soon after. If Agatha could meet her sponsors from Beautiful World Canada, she would thank them for all the support, love and care given to her and her family.

Agatha wants to assure her sponsors that the education support given to vulnerable young girls in Uganda such as herself is the best gift ever received because it changes lives forever. Thank you so much!

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