Josephine is a former Beautiful World Canada beneficiary and has graduated with a diploma in Early Childhood Development. Josephine is employed as a teacher at The ROTOM (Reach One Touch One Ministries) school in Uganda. Josephine teaches primary school, and she says that she feels very proud when she teaches her students and watches their eyes grow brighter with understanding of new concepts.

Josephine’s mother and father are both peasant farmers and do not earn enough income for their family. When Josephine was in high school, her father lost his job and could not afford to send her and her 8 siblings to school, forcing them to drop out. Josephine is the only child in her family that has had the opportunity to attend higher education. This is because of Beautiful World Canada in partnership with Reach One Touch One Ministries (ROTOM), one of Beautiful World’s local partners in Uganda.

For nine years, Josephine was out of school was to  but dreamt about become a teacher. Even with challenges, she never gave up. After years of searching, Josephine found ROTOM. She applied for the Beautiful World Canada scholarship and was ecstatic when she was accepted.
As a school teacher, Josephine gives hope to children and shares her knowledge and skills. She loves her job and enjoys working with children every day.

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